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Gallery Wall Designs and Installs from 2021

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March 18, 2022


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I was recently looking back at all of our 2021 gallery wall designs and installs, and I was overwhelmed with so much gratitude for the families that trusted me with their memories. Not only did they trust me, but they realized just how important is for those memories to live beyond a hard drive and within the walls of their home. Over 250 frames in 37 different homes throughout the Houston area.

When I think about what I want in my own home or what I want so badly for you, it’s less empty walls and mass produced art from Homegoods. It’s your family that I want to see and if I had to guess, you do too. I want to see my babies as babies and as toddlers and as big kids with gap-toothed smiles and as teens getting ready to begin lives that don’t happen under my roof anymore. I want to walk into my house, down the hall, up the stairs and relive each stage of those short 18 years before it’s time to share them with the world.

Designing a wall gallery can feel overwhelming, but that’s part of what my team and I do. We walk you through every step and consider your home when we’re deciding on location and what to wear. We take into account your personal style and decor when picking your frames. With over 10 years of experience, we are experts in knowing what layout will work best on the various walls in your home. There’s no guessing on size or extra holes in the wall. From the planning to the digital design to the install, we will hold your hand through the entire process.

Here are some of our installs from 2021!

A Modern, Feminine Nursery

We filled the blank space left above the crib with their baby’s first portraits. The brass frame complements the other brass fixtures in the room. These framed portraits are ones that can stay in her nursery for years to come or be added to a larger gallery as she grows.

Modern, feminine nursery with a a custom designed wall gallery of her newborn photos with Fresh Light Photography.

High-Traffic Area

Part of knowing where to hang your portraits and what kind of design is taking into account your family’s lifestyle. Are you up and moving around a lot? Do you hang out in one particular area of your home? Are there areas you pass through often and want that to be a spot where you see a large gallery wall of your family? That’s what this family chose and it’s one of my absolutely favorite installs from 2021. The thin metal frame matches perfectly in their home. We even have space on this wall to expand their gallery in the future.

Custom gallery wall of family portraits in Houston home. Photo and Install by Fresh Light Photography.

Dining Room Display

The dining room is a place where you gather often. Over the years you’ll have many conversations about these photos and share your stories from the day. The impact of those stories and appreciation may change and grow over time, which is another reminder that the photos we take today aren’t just for today, they’re for years from now. They’re your family’s legacy.

Custom gallery wall design of family portraits for family's dining room. Photo and install by Fresh Light Photography.

Large Entry Way Gallery

Can you imagine walking in your front door every day and the first thing you see if one of the best days you’ve ever had with your family? The design and frame choice were intentional, pairing well with the rest of the fixtures and decor in their home.

Entry way gallery wall design and photos by Fresh Light Photography.

Upstairs Landing

Landings and spaces that you walk through often, are my favorite places for galleries. These families will walk by their portraits every single day- when they get up, before they go to bed, and many times in between.

Custom gallery wall of family portraits with Fresh Light Photography.Custom gallery wall of six frames. Photo and install by Fresh Light Photography.

Growing Gallery on the Stairway

From the newborn phase to toddlerhood to early childhood and teen years. Your stairway is the perfect place to do a gallery wall that you plan to grow over several years. These designs are more intricate and require a lot more precision during the install.

Custom design and gallery wall on stairway by Fresh Light Photography.

Narrow Walls

These two gallery walls are perfect examples of knowing exactly what design will work best on any given wall. The first is designed with one of our most classic frames that works in almost any home. Then, the second, is a little bit more bold with the thicker wood molding and brings out the wood tones in the home.

Custom gallery wall design and install in family's living room. Photo and install by Fresh Light Photography.
Custom gallery wall design in family's living room of newborn portraits with Fresh Light Photography.

The Perfect Starter Gallery

This 3 piece gallery wall is simple but fills the space in this family’s foyer beautifully. It’s also the perfect gallery to start with and build upon throughout your baby’s first year or as your family grows.

Gallery wall in foyer of family's home. Photo and install by Fresh Light Photography.

You can see more wall gallery designs here.

Whether you prefer a simple or more intricate design, symmetrical vs asymmetrical, or unique design custom to your home, we can help you. Gallery walls are one of the most popular artwork options for our clients and why we love doing them so much. If you’re ready to make sure your family’s memories are within the walls of your home, contact us!

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