The opening chapter of your child’s story… 

The early days and years of your child’s life pass quickly and become a blur filled with sleepless nights and overwhelming love.

We honor this sacred time by preserving it for you — creating artwork for your home that whispers the story of how your family began.

From a tailored experience that encourages your heart as a mother to crafting quality, well-sourced artwork that hangs on the wall of your home. Your job is to care for your child. Our job is to care for you.

we’ve anticipated every part of the process

about the experience

Founded by Leigh Ripps in 2011, Fresh Light Photography began as one mother’s intent to document her own baby’s milestones. That baby is now seven and Fresh Light has grown, too. Now Leigh and her team work out of a beautiful studio, craft heirloom art pieces, and love on the dearest mamas, families, children and babies in the Houston area each year. 

about fresh light

We are a Houston portrait studio dedicated to telling your family's story through maternity, newborn, and baby photography.

meet Leigh and her team

Leigh's photography skills are an art that cannot be matched. Her style is timeless and gorgeous, and her shots are always perfectly organic. I am usually so uncomfortable in front of a camera, but Leigh made me feel so relaxed and at ease. The photos that she produced for me will be treasured forever. 

kind words

Hannah M.

1 / 3

We had such a great experience with Leigh. The quality of pictures is amazing and Leigh captured so many intricate details of our little one that are so easy to forget.

kind words

Shital P.

2 / 3

Leigh is an amazing photographer! She’s been doing my family pictures for over 3 years. An absolute professional and her pictures are stunning. So happy I found her!

kind words

Alexandra G.

3 / 3

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