Before I was a photographer, I was a mother.

When you look into the eyes of your tiny baby, just seconds old, your whole world shifts. The first few days are a wonderful blur of excitement, exhaustion, and wishes fulfilled—but hard as we may try to hold onto these sweet moments, we can’t keep our babies little forever.

This is why I am a photographer.

Hi, I’m Leigh, and while I may not be able to keep your baby small enough to hold in your arms forever, I can create the portraits that will allow you to relive those fleeting days for years to come. The baby who inspired my life as a photographer is now six years old, and it’s my experience as a mother that I believe makes me a better photographer of mothers, newborns, babies, and families. 

There’s no need to get the house clean or yourself ready— Our studio has everything you need and wardrobe, hair, and makeup styling is included in our services so you feel taken care of. 

Together, we’ll produce heirloom-quality artwork to hang in your home and bind your portraits in albums for your coffee table.. We’re with you every step of the way, anticipating each need before it happens. We love to pamper our new moms with an experience that is luxurious and a welcomed break from the everyday stress that comes with a new baby.

When I’m not in the studio or behind the lens, you can find me with my husband, James, and our three little ones, Ellie, 7, Landon, 5, and baby Laurel. Our favorite ways to pass the time include volunteering at church, visiting the zoo and our local museums with our kids and, of course, the occasional Netflix binge.

owner & photographer


My team and I pride ourselves on our ability to serve mamas’ (and daddies’!) whole hearts through their pregnancy and the earliest days of parenthood. In light-filled, classic settings using natural posing, we let the sweet, reflective, and simple moments lead each portrait session.

meet the team

Production Manager


Erica is a Louisiana native who now calls Texas home. She's married to her college sweetheart and raising her two children, Mackenzie and Elliot. 

Erica handles all ordering and production for the studio and loves crafting the beautiful artwork that will adorn the homes of our clients. 

hair & make-up artist


Roberta has been a stylist for eight years and is the owner of Helloo Beautiful Salon, located right behind our studio.
With four children of her own, she knows how much a new mom deserves to be pampered and loves helping our clients feel confident and beautiful.

wardrobe stylist


Kristen is our personal stylist and works with each of our clients to source and select the outfits that flatter and photograph beautifully. 

Her favorite ones to shop for are her two little ones, Bristol and Sterling, and she loves supporting small brands that offer unique styles.

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