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What Type of Artwork is Best for Your Home and Family’s Memories?


June 2, 2021


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It’s true, we live in a digital world and there are certain aspects of it that I love. It allows us to share pictures of our children easily with friends and family and stay connected to those not as close to us. But, beyond that and within the walls of your home, what are you doing with your pictures? Are you able to truly enjoy them day in and day out? Are you displaying your family’s memories with timeless artwork? The truth is, most families don’t and it’s not because they don’t want to, but rather they are overwhelmed by the entire process.

This is why I have and will always prioritize the start-to-finish custom experience I offer my clients. Taking your photos is only the first step. The second is working with you one-on-one to design, craft, and install your portraits into your home. Whether it’s a wall gallery, statement portrait, an album, or a combination we will help you determine what type of artwork is right for your home. This way you and your family get to focus on enjoying the memories that you’ve created together.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls have become more popular over the years and are a great way to display multiple family portraits. You can have as little as three frames or as many as your wall or staircase can hold. Symmetrical, asymmetrical, gridded, eclectic, matching frames, mix and match, same sessions, a story wall that grows over time…the options are endless.

We will work together to determine the location in your home that makes the most sense. Do you want them to be the focal point of your living space? Do you want it to be the first thing you see as you walk through your front door? Or, do you want to be able to look at them as you walk up your stairs to bed each night? Wherever it is, we will craft a design that compliments the style of your home so that you don’t have to stress anymore!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your gallery walls, be sure to check out our 10 gallery wall designs for your family portraits

Gallery wall design ideas for displaying artwork in your home. Photo and design by Fresh Light Photography.Gallery wall idea for staircase. Photo and design by Fresh Light Photography.Gallery wall design ideas for displaying artwork in your home. Photo and design by Fresh Light Photography.

Statement Portraits

I truly believe that every house deserves at least one large, beautiful statement portrait. Whether you prefer a more minimal look or are working with smaller walls, you can still display your portraits with large frames. In fact, large vertical prints have a big impact on small spaces with proper frame sizing and placement.

Our statement wall art can even be printed on our exclusive floating handmade paper, full of texture and lovely variations around the edges. Trust me when I say, it’s stunning. You need at least one in your home of the people you love the most!

Large statement frame in family room. Photo and custom framing by Fresh Light Photography.Large family photo at the top of the stairs. Custom framing and install by Fresh Light Photography.


Have you ever gathered for a family holiday and found yourself looking through their old photo albums? Some of them may contain pictures of you, your siblings or other family members. You may even find yourself asking who someone is, only to discover that it’s you. The stories that are told are priceless.

Are you providing that same opportunity for your children…and their children? The photos that we take today may feel like they are for us, but they are also for them- they tell their story.

Our custom heirloom album is the perfect way to start your family’s collection. Each one is crafted to stand the test time (and sticky fingers!) with durable, bend-proof pages and timeless linen or leather covers. We will design your album from start to finish with your most cherished images.

Handcrafted, linen albums | Fresh Light PhotographyMom looking at photo album with her baby girl. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.Mom looking at photo album with her baby girl. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.

Fresh Light Photography has nearly 10 years of experience in taking your family’s memories and designing beautiful heirlooms for you to enjoy. We’ve delivered beautiful albums and installed hundreds of frames throughout the Houston area. Our hope is that your family will be next. If you have an idea or need help executing your vision, contact us. We’d love to help!

Custom artwork for your home by Houston Photographer, Fresh Light Photography.

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