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5 Family Photos You Need This Fall | Houston TX Family Photographer


July 14, 2021


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I don’t know what it is about the fall, but family sessions during this time feel extra exciting. The (slightly) cooler temps, upcoming holidays, and the festivities that come with the season…I just love it all! This is also the time of year that a lot of families start thinking about their annual portraits for holiday cards. If that’s you, be sure to contact us and also be on the lookout for more details as we launch our fall family calendar soon!

As we plan for your session, there are 5 family photos you need this fall!

Family Looking and Smiling

This is that photo you want for your holiday card, your parents and grandparents and to be able to see the faces of your loved ones. Don’t worry, there won’t be a lot of stiff posing. I can also promise you there won’t be any “say cheese” moments. Even for this more formal photo, we keep it relaxed, playful and fun so your family’s smiles feel genuine.

Family looking and smiling for family portraits. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.
Fall family portraits with family's two sons. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.

Family Interacting

The candids are my favorite and often where small children (and Dads!) shine. We’ll play games, have tickle fights, run through the fields, and just have the best time creating memories, all while having it documented to remember for years to come.

Candid photo of family interacting during fall photoshoot with Fresh Light Photography.Fall family photos in Houston TX. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.

Each Parent with the Kids

With each passing year, I realize just how important it is to me as a Mom to have a photo with each of my children. And as important as this photo is to me, it’s really about them and how much I know they may need and/or want it as they grow up. I want to offer that same opportunity and moment to you and your children.

Dad playing airplane with his son. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.
Dad embracing his youngest son for a photo during family portraits in Houston with Fresh Light Photography.Mom looking at her oldest son. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.
Mom and her two sons during family photos at sunset in the Fall. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.
Mom and youngest son during fall family session with Fresh Light Photography.
Sunset family session in the fall with Fresh Light Photography.Mom and son running through the park during fall with the leaves on the ground. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.

Individual Portraits of Your Children

We always take the time during your family session to get a portrait of each of your children. If possible, I try to get a traditional portrait with them looking and smiling. Then, we’ll let them be kids and show their personalities. Along with family portraits, I find that these are the ones my clients often want to display in their homes, so we always make it a priority.

Children's portrait. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.Children's portrait. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.Two brothers playing in the fall leaves during family photos. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.

Just the Parents

Before you were Mom and Dad, you were Husband and Wife. After we wrap up family photos, I love to take a few minutes and photograph just the two of you. Depending on the ages of your children, I’ll have them help me “make you laugh” or it may be a good opportunity for them to sit and have a snack.

Mom and Dad pose for a photo together during fall family session. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.
Couple kissing during fall family photoshoot. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.

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