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When is a Beach Session the Right Choice for Your Family?

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February 2, 2021


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2021 Seaside Sessions at Galveston: When is a Beach Session the Right Choice for Your Family?

It’s almost that time of year again when I start looking forward to our Seaside Sessions at Galveston! We only offer them twice a year, so truth be told, I’ve been ready since we wrapped up the last round of them! 

I know Galveston is a little bit of a hike from Houston, but those pastels and candid beach portraits are so worth it. Plus, who doesn’t love a good excuse to dip their toes in the sand? 

Here are a few tips to consider when trying to decide. We hope to see your family this year!

Family photo in the dunes at Galveston Beach. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.

Is your baby walking?

While this is not a requirement for your little one to be walking, it’s certainly helpful in being able to photograph a variety of portraits for your family. If you’ve taken them to Galveston already, you likely already know how exciting it is. Everything is new, big and exciting – and being able to experience it through their little eyes is pretty magical. It’s definitely worth having those moments in a portrait you can have for forever. 


Family dressed up on the beach for a photoshoot. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.Mom and Dad adoring their children on the beach. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.

Do you love relaxed and playful images?

Our beach sessions tend to be a lot more playful and less posed. We run, have tickle fights, give group hugs, walk along the surf, look for dolphins, chase the seagulls and toss babies up in the air. Then, if you’re up for it, we end your session splashing in the waves. 

The smiles we get are real and those are the smiles you’ll want to hang on your wall and remember years from now. That smile that lights up their face and your heart. The one that means so much more than “cheese!”. That’s the moment I’m after…and be warned, sometimes that means I have to make a fool of myself with funny noises, silly faces and a tried and true poop joke!

Three sisters standing together on the beach in Galveston. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.Three girls sitting on the sand in the dunes at Galveston Beach. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.

Are the beaches on Galveston a special place for your family?

Yes, it’s true, the cotton candy skies and little ones running through the water make for some of the most magical photos. But even better than that is being able to have tangible memories in a photograph of a place that holds significance for your family. 

I encourage you to make a special day or weekend of it with your family. Many of our clients will make a mini-vacation out of it. 

Family walking along the beach and youngest is playing in the water. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.Toddler girl playing in the ocean during family photoshoot with Fresh Light Photography.

Do you love pastels and big Texas skies?

I love neutral backdrops just as much as anyone, but if there is ever a time to embrace color, it’s with a beautiful sunset over the water. The pastel backdrop combined with the reflection over the water as the sun is setting is just breathtaking. I’m convinced everyone needs at least one beach portrait like this in their home.  

Three girls running around Mom and Dad during their Galveston Beach family session with Fresh Light Photography.

Do you want something other than a typical park or field for your family?

Have we done a field or park in Houston for your last few family sessions? If you’re ready to switch it up, create new memories and add some variety to the photos in your home, then be sure to sign up for our Seaside Sessions on Galveston. 

Family photoshoot on the beach with Fresh Light Photography
Three sisters having fun playing in the waves. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.
Three sisters having fun playing in the waves at Galveston Beach. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.
Three sisters having fun playing in the waves. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.
Family of five running into the ocean. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.

From Galveston Beach To Your Home

After seeing your beautiful photos, our team will work with you to select your favorite portraits and create artwork for your home. From the design to the installation, we will take care of all of it for you so that your Saturdays are spent with your family. Our goal is to preserve the memories that you have created so that they can be passed down for generations to come.


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