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What to Expect at Your Newborn Session


August 28, 2020


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A few simple tips to help you prepare so you know what to expect at your newborn session.

Moms often have a lot of questions about what their newborn session will be like and how to best prepare. The good news is, there’s not much you need to do to make your session a success! We pride ourselves on taking care of moms, their families, and of course, their babies fully so that your session is easy and you get to enjoy your experience. Of course, knowing the game plan is also a good way to feel like you can relax because you’ll know exactly what to expect.

newborn sleeping at houston photography studio


Your baby is growing by the minute, and if you want those sleepy, curled up images when your new love is at their tiniest, time is of the essence. We like to schedule newborn sessions within the first 2 weeks of life, generally between days 10-14. Getting your baby in quickly after birth is one of the main reasons that its important to book your newborn session in advance.

What to Bring

This list is pretty short. You’ll need:

  • Your baby dressed in a zip or button up sleeper
  • Your diaper bag with standard contents (diapers, wipes, burp cloth, formula, etc)
  • A pacifier ,even if your baby hasn’t shown an interest
  • A supportive bra, nude panties, and shape wear (if desired)


newborn lips with spit bubbles

What to Wear

One of the best parts of choosing our studio is getting to utilize the studio wardrobe and our personal stylist, Kristen. You will need to ensure your husband brings a pair of khaki or grey pants, but we have everything else. Kristen will work with you virtually in advance to create a plan for your clothes and you are welcome to schedule a styling appointment at our studio in advance to see and try on the options. There is also plenty of time the day of your session to finalize outfits.

Our Workflow at Your Session

Once you arrive, our beauty team will begin your hair and make-up while I concurrently work with your new baby for her individual portraits. I will change diapers, rock, soothe, feed (or bring to you to nurse) to help your baby relax and fall asleep. Parents don’t call me a baby whisperer for nothing, so just enjoy getting pampered knowing that your baby is in very good hands. Once you are done with hair and make-up after about an hour, we will work on all the family pictures, including siblings and those with just mom and just dad.

baby girl with arms out of white swaddle

wrapped newborn posing in Houston photography session


We have lots of snacks and Netflix to help keep your older children busy while they wait for their turn. Many families also opt to let dad and then kids come seperately about an hour after our schedule start time. Either way is fine! When it comes time for their portraits showing off those new big brother or sister skills, the key here is for mom and dad to not interfere unless I ask. I work with toddlers all day, every day, and they do not intimidate me, but I do have to get them on my team for the best results. I wrote a whole post last year full of tips on how you can help us achieve an  awesome sibling shot, because I know how important that to all moms of 2+.


big brother looking at newborn baby sibling newborn photography in houston

Session Length

You should expect to be at the studio 1.5-3 hours for your session. Why so long? Babies have opinions and sometimes they need some extra time to get happy before they are ready for pictures. Also the more siblings, especially if they are young, can make sessions that a little longer. I know how exhausting having a newborn is though and you’ll be ready for lunch, so I promise I’ll have you out the door no later than 3 hours.

chubby newborn being held by dad

Knowing what to expect during your newborn session can help alleviate a lot of the worries that can accompany planning a photography session. Our Houston photography studio was designed with babies in mind, to create a peaceful, calm, and beautiful space where everyone feels at ease. We look forward to welcoming your here and meeting your new baby.

mom sitting on gold stool looking at newborn baby girl

mom and son giving nose kisses brother showing new baby sister a toy

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