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5 Reasons to Book Your Newborn Session Before Your Baby Arrives


May 29, 2020


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The best time to book your newborn session is while you are still pregnant

The to-do list when you are expecting a baby is a mile long. Find your birth team, decorate a nursery, research strollers, learn how to buckle in that carseat… I know your mind is constantly running through all the things you need to get done before your due date arrives. Surely finding your baby’s first photographer can wait until later, so is it really that important to do that now?

newborn wrapped in womb pose


If those photos are important to you, then the answer is a resounding YES! I’ve pulled together 5 reason why reaching out early if the only way to make sure you get the portraits of your newborn that you have been dreaming of for 9 months.

  1. You want to land a spot with first choice photographer.  Over 7,000 babies are born in Houston every month and our studio only takes 6 of them per month and after building a reputation for being one of the most desirable newborn photographers in Houston, and our schedule fills quickly. It’s not uncommon to have clients book their sessions before they’ve even gone public with their pregnancy. By booking now, you know you will get to have your newborn session in the ideal time frame (7-14 days old) and not have to settle with your second or third choice photographer because we don’t have space left in our schedule.
  2. Time moves faster once your baby arrives. I know first hand that those last months of pregnancy feel like they drag on forever, but I promise that is not the case once you have a newborn. If you wait until your baby is here, life becomes so busy that it is easy to feel like you blinked and 3 months are gone and you will have missed out on documenting that sweet newborn stage. By booking in advance, you ensure the plan is already in place to make the photos happen on time.
  3. It keeps the stress off. The last thing you need to do when you should be napping is frantically searching the internet for a newborn photographer who still has an opening. Enjoy those early days knowing you already have it covered.
  4. There are no surprises. By booking your session early, we will have plenty of time to plan the details so you feel confident that you will be getting exactly what you want from your session.  You’ll have all your questions answered and will know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for the best results.
  5. It gives you time to plan financially. Babies are expensive! Between hospital costs and all the things that tiny human needs, tossing in the last minute expense of a newborn session might not be an option for your family, or you might be forced to settle for a photographer you aren’t in love with but is within the budget you can pull together. If you select your photographer early, you have months to save for the photographer you really want for your baby.

close up of baby making a funny face

As an extra bonus, here’s one more reason booking early has major perks.

You can consider a maternity session too.
Finding a photographer you love might spark the desire to have maternity portraits done, even if you hadn’t considered it previously. Booking early means you still have time to schedule a maternity session that will be a beautiful reminder of the joy and anticipation of this season.

baby swaddled in white blanket

So when is the right time to book?
We recommend getting in touch by your 3rd trimester to ensure availability, but we have plenty of clients who reach out even earlier. Contact us to set up your consultation and learn about the luxury experience we offer for you and your little one. It’ll feel so good to check this one off your to-do list!

Close up photo of baby lips sleeping baby posing for photography session brother looking at their baby brother baby sleeping peacefully on white peach fuzz on baby shoulder baby curled up for newborn photos portrait of newborn baby on a white blanket in the heights brother cuddling with newborn family looking at their new baby brother couple laughing while holding new baby dad holding newborn mother cuddling newborn mother looking at baby face

  1. […] Your baby is growing by the minute, and if you want those sleepy, curled up images when your new love is at their tiniest, time is of the essence. We like to schedule newborn sessions within the first 2 weeks of life, generally between days 10-14. Getting your baby in quickly after birth is one of the main reasons that its important to book your newborn session in advance. […]

  2. […] recommend booking your newborn session well before baby even arrives. Trust me, once your little one is here, you’re going to want to soak in every moment. That […]

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