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August 12, 2019


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Hi there! Welcome to the journal, a place to showcase our favorite sessions and offer inspiration for your portraits.

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5 baby items worth the splurge

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I’ve been in love with this session since it happened last fall. We had perfect Houston fall weather, mom followed my advice for clothing so everyone looked great, but there was one thing they did during their session that made all the difference in the resulting portraits. Ready for it? They just relaxed and enjoyed their time with their family.

If there is one thing I could tell you can make or break your family’s photography session, it is the attitude of the parents. Uncooperative kids are no big deal because we can make your session a game and a tickle to the tummy gets giggles, but a stressed out mom or a dad who obviously doesn’t want to be there is really hard to make look joyful in pictures.  Mom and dad set the tone for our session. You know the saying that “if mama’s not happy, nobody is happy.” Well, its true and your kids will pick up on your stress and get stressed too.

The best portraits are ones that are filled with genuine emotion so this is your chance to pour 100% of your energy to loving on your family. Hug them. Tickle them. Whisper in their ear that you love them. Let me worry about how things look, if hair is out of place, or if your toddler is pouting to the camera. I can fix all of that so long as you remain carefree and in the moment.

We are filling our last few spots for family sessions this fall and I would love to have your family meet me in the field this year. You can get more details and remaining dates here.

mommy and daughter giving eskimo kisses Family pictures wearing blue and white sister tickling her baby sister baby holding out a flower for dad family taking pictures outside in a field toddler smelling a wildflower mom showing a flower to her baby family taking pictures at a houston park baby reaching for a wildflower natural light family photography session portrait of toddler backlit girl on dad's shoulders giving kisses girls with their dad baby being silly for the camera family laughing together family silhouette photo taken in houston family playing outside in a field together family of 4 dancing in tall grass mother holding her toddler on her shoulder little girl running away from her parents family walking through tall grass dad and daughter giving nose kisses family portrait taken by a houston photographer

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I'm Leigh and I'm so happy you're here. Take a peek a some of our favorite sessions and get inspiration for your portraits.

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The 5 baby items worth the splurge

Get our picks for the top baby items worth the extra investment.



the 5 baby items worth the splurge

We see a lot of babies around here. What to know our picks for the items that are worth the extra investment?


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