Timing Your Fall Family Photos in Houston

Jul 15, 2019

So its a pretty big joke that Houston only has 2 seasons – hot and not quite as hot. I’m not going to disagree, but when it comes to planning a photography session, I divide our seasons a bit differently into a season of either green or gold. Both are beautiful but are different looks, so let’s run through when you can expect those colors to be the backdrop to your outdoor photography session.


Green Grass and Full Trees

Things start greening up by late March and continue to be that way until around mid-November. Green gives a beautiful light, spring look to your images. Sessions during the green season a little more colorful and we can even find patches of wildflowers sometimes. Into the summer and early fall, the grasses get nice and tall, which is a look I really love.

images taken during spring in houston

Golden Grasses and Warmer Tones

Sometime in November as the leaves start turning and dropping, grass also starts going dormant and fields transition to a beautiful golden tone. Because the trees are more sparse, the light from sunset shines through stronger and we tend to get more golden light in your images.

golden images taken in houstons late fall

There’s no right or wrong time for family photography in Houston. Our mild winters mean we can use outdoor locations year round, so it’s up to you which look you prefer for your images.

Now is the time to start planning for your fall family portraits and I would love to talk with you about what makes working with FLP so unique. Click on over and let’s get started planning the best family pictures you’ve ever had.


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