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Capturing Your Baby’s Growth: Milestones to Document After Newborn Photos


August 12, 2023


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Time has a way of slipping through our fingers, especially when it comes to those precious baby moments. Here at our Houston photography studio, we know how important it is to transform these fleeting times into timeless memories. Many parents understand how important capturing that fleeting newborn stage is, but what about all the other milestones your baby will experience in their first year?

3 Months: Embracing New Discoveries

Can you believe it’s been three months already? Those little cheeks are plumper, eyes are more inquisitive, and their neck muscles are getting stronger by the day. A simple yet remarkable feat is how they lift their head during tummy time, making eye contact with you and the world around them. These interactions capture their budding personality and curiosity, a snapshot of their individuality that we’re here to preserve.

At 3 months, we photograph your baby lying on their tummy, raising their head with determination – a symbol of their growth and newfound abilities. We also let them relax on their back on a blanket, which gives us a front row seat for their new smiles.

6 Months: Sitting in Wonder

Half a year has passed, and your baby’s sitting up independently, ready to conquer the world – or at least their surroundings. Curiosity is in full swing, accompanied by those heart-melting smiles that light up your life. Our goal is to freeze these unfiltered moments, letting their genuine joy and exploration shine through, and of course all those delicious rolls!

Your 6 month gallery will have lots of images showing off your baby’s new sitting ability, plus all those big toothless grins and expressive eyes. We’re here to capture the unscripted laughter and genuine wonder that accompany their discoveries.

1 Year: Celebrating a Year of Achievements

Can you believe it’s been a whole year? From fragile newborn to a little person with their own personality and charm, the journey is astounding. They’re taking their first steps, discovering the world in their unique way. The first birthday is a celebration of not only your baby but of the growth, love, and triumphs you’ve all shared.

At your session, we’ll let your baby take the lead by cruising and walking around and then wrap it all up with a cake smash to celebrate all the messy, joyful moments that defined their first year.

Our Houston photography studio is dedicated to documenting your baby’s first year. Beyond the posed, we capture the genuine, the love, and the laughter – creating a collection of images that encapsulates your baby’s unique journey. Your baby’s milestones deserve nothing less.

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The 5 baby items worth the splurge

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the 5 baby items worth the splurge

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