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3 Gift Ideas Using Your Family Portraits

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November 1, 2021


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Hi there! Welcome to the journal, a place to showcase our favorite sessions and offer inspiration for your portraits.

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I am not sure that I can think of a better, more thoughtful gift than the gift of tangible heirlooms with your family’s most precious memories. Whether they are from the past or the¬†opportunity to create new ones, being able to hold them in your hands or see them on the walls of your home is priceless. As you go into this holiday season (or really any time you are considering a gift to a loved one), I hope you’ll consider investing in something a little less traditional and a little more personal.

Gift Ideas for the Grandparents

If you’re anything like me, buying for my parents or my in-laws is hard. They have everything they need and don’t want for much. But one thing I do know- they LOVE their grandkids and they love seeing their pictures. Truth be told, it’s something I love about our grandparent’s generation. Before iPhones and clouds, printed photographs were all they had and to this day, it’s something they still hold on to.

Small, matted prints that they can put on their side tables or mantle is perfect. They can change out the photos from time to time or move them around as they have more grandchildren.

You could also gift a session to them with the intention of having an album designed. Oh, what a gift that would be for them, your family, and each generation to come.

Gift ideas for grandparents - matted prints and albums. Photo by Fresh Light Photography.

Something Simple, Yet Meaningful for Dad

It’s no secret that photoshoots aren’t always Dad’s favorite thing to do. However, they always love the end result. Gift Ideas for Dad can include matted prints for his office, an album he can look through during work breaks, or a custom frame with one of his favorite prints.

framed portrait of a dad and his daughter | Fresh Light Photography

A Photoshoot for Mom

Mom, your husband can’t read your mind. Now is the time to drop a (big) hint to them that you would love a session with Fresh Light Photography in 2022. He’s probably wondering what he can get you, so go ahead and let him know!

And Dads- when you gift a session to your wife, you aren’t just gifting her a photoshoot. You are gifting her an opportunity to be pampered, to have her family together and create beautiful memories, and know that she can be IN the photos. No more guessing about what she wants, waiting in long lines at the store, or scrambling at the last minute.

Framed prints and studio wardrobe offered by Houston photographer, Fresh Light Photography.

If you’re considering one of the above gifts for your loved one this holiday season, contact us. We’d love nothing more than to make that happen for you!

Also, if you’re reading this later and it’s not the holiday season, please still reach out to us- it’s never too late.

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The 5 baby items worth the splurge

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the 5 baby items worth the splurge

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