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Milestones To Photograph Throughout Your Baby’s First Year


March 3, 2021


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5 baby items worth the splurge

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From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, your whole life changes. Suddenly the little baby boy or girl you’ve been dreaming of is now a reality and you don’t want to miss a moment. Time truly is a thief- it goes SO quickly. That’s why our team at Fresh Light Photography has worked so hard to make sure that we can document your baby’s first year and you don’t have to ever forget a milestone.

But what does that look like…and what milestones should be professionally photographed throughout your baby’s first year? We recommend maternity, newborn, 3 months, 6-8 months, and of course, their first birthday. Be sure to contact us early so you don’t miss out! 


Every baby is worth celebrating because it’s truly such a miracle, and every family gets to this point in a different way. Whatever that story is, it’s worth documenting. For 9 months you will carry your baby, but you are only pregnant with this baby once…once it’s gone, it’s gone. I promise it’s 100% worth celebrating! 

Maternity sessions can be outdoors or in our studio in The Heights. Some mama’s will choose to have their significant other and/or children join, while some choose to come solo. Either way, our team will be available to do your hair and makeup so you feel beautiful for your maternity photos.

Outdoor maternity photoshoot in Houston, Texas | Fresh Light Photography
Beautiful Mama-to-be sitting in a stool for maternity photos with Fresh Light Photography.Backlit maternity photo | Fresh Light PhotographyStudio maternity session | Fresh Light Photography

Newborn Session

I think this milestone goes without saying! Your tiny little baby boy or girl will only be this tiny for a short time. All of the little details- their fingers and toes and sweet little pouty lips are all things you never want to forget. And you don’t have to.

All newborn sessions take place in our studio. We have worked hard to create a space that is comfortable for you and your baby. There is space for you to feed and relax in between photos. The best part- you can arrive in your PJs and with the help of our beauty team and studio wardrobe, be camera ready without lifting a finger.

Baby swaddled in white blanket. Photos by Fresh Light Photography in The Heights.
Mom and Dad with their brand new baby. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.
Two big brothers loving on their new baby brother brother. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.Studio newborn photos in Houston, Texas | Fresh Light Photography

3-Month Session

Of all of the milestones, I think the 3-month session is the most overlooked, but personally one of my favorite. We have been doing more and more of them over this past year and I have come to love this age so much!

By this time, baby is often smiling, filled out a little and starting to look like a mini version of the person they will become. They are often starting to interact and can make for some of the sweetest photos. Three-month milestone sessions can be outdoors or in the studio and can include family or just baby.

Family photos with baby girl | Fresh Light Photography
Baby girl on a blanket | Fresh Light Photography
Mom and baby in front of a big window with beautiful light. Photos by Fresh Light Photography.
3-month photoshoot in photography studio in Houston, Texas | Photos by Fresh Light Photography

6-8 months | Sitter Session

The next milestone to photograph in your baby’s first year is what we refer to as the “sitter” session. While it’s not required that baby be sitting 100% independently, we do recommend he/she can at least sit in a tripod position for a short period of time. Some babies will be doing this at 6 months and some closer to 8 months.

Sitter sessions are a lot of fun. By now your baby is likely laughing, really starting to show you his/her personality and starting to move. This is a perfect time for a mommy and me session.

We will be in touch as baby starts to approach his/her six-month birthday, but should you notice your baby is starting to approach this milestone, feel free to reach out and we will get your session scheduled. Sitter sessions can be outdoors or in the studio.

Outdoor family session for baby's six month photoshoot with Fresh Light Photography.Outdoor family session for baby's six month photoshoot with Fresh Light Photography.
Mom in a beautiful Show me Your Mumu dress with baby girl. Photos by Houston Photographer, Photos by Fresh Light Photography.6 month milestone photoshoot | Photos by Fresh Light Photography

One Year | First Birthday

Before you know it, you blinked and you’re planning your baby’s first birthday. This may be one of the most important firsts and certainly a milestone to remember!

During their first birthday session, we will celebrate your little one turning one with a family session, cake smash (if you want) and photograph them doing all the things- standing, walking, playing with their siblings or their favorite toy and loving on Mom and Dad.

And most importantly, we will photograph their little personalities. These truly are the days you never want to forget and it’s our goal to create beautiful artwork that will do just that.

Baby crawling in studio in The Heights | Fresh Light Photography
Golden sunset photo of little girl in a beautiful dress for her first birthday. Photos by Fresh Light Photography in The Heights near Houston, Texas.Outdoor family session to celebrate baby's first year with Fresh Light Photography.
Baby girl sucking her thumb while snuggling on Mama for photos with Fresh Light's first birthday photoshoot | Fresh Light Photography


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the 5 baby items worth the splurge

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