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Looking your Best for Your Maternity Photography Session


February 26, 2020


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For many woman, pregnancy is a time we feel like our most beautiful, feminine selves, but even the most stunning mom-to-be wants to be sure that she looks her best in her maternity portraits.  Here are 5 tips to help you look and feel your best during your maternity photography session.

Time it Right

Scheduling your maternity session during your 30-34th week is ideal. You will have a full, round belly, but will still be comfortable enough to move around. If you are expecting multiples, a month earlier is probably best. pregnancy session in heights studio with mom in white dress

Prep your Hands

Your hands will be photographed in as much detail as your belly during your maternity session. A fresh manicure in a neutral shade or just buffed out will help your images look more polished. If you are still able to wear your wedding rings, make sure they are clean and sparkly too! If swelling has forced you to remove your rings already, don’t try to force them on for your session or a trip to the jeweler to get them cut off could be in your future (that’s personal experience talking here!)

mom holding pregnant belly during studio maternity session in houston

Professional Hair & Make-up

I highly recommend using a professional hair and make-up artist to help you get ready. The camera tends to wash you out, so having an expert add additional contouring and lashes will help your face look flawless. Even if you don’t normally wear a lot of make-up, a light professional application can still give you a naturally enhanced look. For hair, as women we all know that your hair never looks better than when are fresh from the salon, plus if your session will be outside, a pro will ensure your hair can hold up in this Houston humidity.

We believe in professional hair and make up so much that we include it for all our clients from our friends at Pink Palette Artists!

maternity session in memorial park with couple
The Right Clothes are Everything

Don’t be afraid to show off your changing body! Choose dresses that highlight your bump with am empire waist or something that is fitted. Many photographers that specialize in maternity and newborn photos offer dresses to their clients. We have an extensive client wardrobe from XS-XXL that all our clients can borrow from.  Depending on your comfort level, you may want to have some semi-nude or implied nude maternity portraits taken. For these types of shots, lingerie sets, nude bra and panties, fitted t-shirts, and oversized sweaters are good to bring along with you. When in doubt, bring it all and let us help you figure out what will photograph well.well dressed family during maternity session in herman park

Choose your Photographer Carefully

Even if you follow all these tips to the letter, hiring an experienced, professional photographer is crucial to loving the outcome of your maternity session. A seasoned maternity photographer knows how to pose you, utilize lighting, and capture the most flattering images to document your pregnancy.woman in pink dress posing for maternity pictures in houston

Things to Consider when Selecting your Photographer

Style – Do you love dark, moody images or do you prefer light and airy ones? Do you want formal studio portraits or a fun, lifestyle session in your home? Choosing a photographer in the style you want ensures you both have the same vision for your images.

Expertise – Hiring a photographer that specializes in maternity portraits ensures you have someone who understands how to pose a pregnant woman’s in a flattering way. An experienced photographer should also show consistency from session to session so that you know that what you see in their portfolio is what they will be able to deliver to you. Amateur photographers might have 1-2 great photos per session that they showcase, but a true pro can show you a gallery of 40 stunning images.

Pregnant mom posing on bed during maternity session in Houston

Pregnancy is such a beautiful, sweet time for a woman and you deserve portraits that reflect that beauty. I would love to talk with you about your vision for your maternity session and help bring it to life for you. Contact the studio here, or call me at 281-608-3531 to set up a consultation.

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