Telling the Story of a Growing Family

Apr 24, 2019

My job as a photographer is to create a record of that journey that honors the moments that create of your family.. These lovely years are often full of hazy, sweet memories that require a photograph to bring it back into clear focus. My role as your photographer in an honor, one that allows me into your intimate moments of new motherhood in order to preserve it.

How do I preserve it? Yes, I capture your likeness, but my hope is to save so much more than that. The way your eyes soften with love as you look at the face of your new baby. The giggles of proud sister. Your partner in awe of you and everything you do.

I create images that tell the story of your life.


family putting hands on moms pregnant belly family posing for maternity pictures in houston dad holding mom during their maternity pictures sisters hugging their pregnant mom family portrait taken in houston family together looking at newborn baby looking down at newborn baby dad cuddling with newborn baby mom holding her newborn during session with fresh light photography sisters kissing their new baby sister close of newborn baby toes newborn wrapped in white blanket


The Artwork Collection

We created 2 separate installations for this family. The first was a gallery wall in the master bedroom that mixed images from the maternity and newborn session. Sara wanted to have her girls be the focus of these images and create a simple, but impactful display that she could enjoy.


gallery wall from newborn session


The second was a single statement portraits at the top of their stairs. It can hard to get a sense of scale in a photo, but this portrait is an impactful 24×30 that fills the space on their landing perfectly.

24x30 framed portrait in a west university home

If you are expecting a new baby in the Houston area, we would love to talk to you about creating a collection of natural and organic maternity and newborn portraits. The perfect way to document your child from maternity through their entire first year is through my Collective Membership. We would love to talk with you more to give you all the details. Please contact us to begin planning your session.

We are currently booking sessions for 2019 due dates and it would be our joy to work alongside you as you welcome your new baby. All maternity and newborn sessions include the use of our extensive wardrobe for moms and babies at my studio, a styling consultation to discuss the look and feel you desire for your session, as well as our exclusive new client welcome gift and planning guide. On site hair and make-up services are also available with our stylist so that you feel confident and beautiful at your session. We make the process of preparing for you session simple and seamless, so that you can focus on your first priority, your baby, and we can take care of all the rest. After your session, we work hand in hand with you to find beautiful and timeless ways to print and display your new portraits, using only the highest quality archival methods so that your artwork can be cherished for years to come.



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