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Harvey Photo Salvage for Flood Damaged Photographs

Harvey is gone, but he has left his mark on Houston.

In an effort to help the community that means so much to us, we are offering to help salvage your water damaged photographs for free. If you have photos that were damaged by the floods and you do not have a digital copy available, please contact us. We will do as much as we can to save your images, whether they are loose, in albums, or framed and return them to you.

houston harvey flood damage free photo salvage

If you have photos that you would like us to attempt to salvage, please fill out the form below. Remember to first document all the damage for your flood claims, then seal your flood damaged photos and albums in a Ziplock bag and store in the freezer until you are able to get them to us. This will slow the growth of mold and aid us in saving your precious photographs.

Photos that are damaged beyond recognition will be repurposed to create artwork to honor the Houstonians that lost so much. Our goal is create an art installation with pieces designed by artists across our city that can be used as a fundraiser to aid the city’s recovery.

Image courtesy of Jennifer Esneault.


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